On the Same Page focuses on Linguistic Diversity

I've been helping to organise next year's On the Same Page program for all incoming freshman and transfer students. To launch the program, we made this cool video featuring just a few of the many amazing students and faculty at UC Berkeley who speak an incredible range of languages.

The day we spent filming the video was an amazing experience. We filmed from eight thirty in the morning until seven at night. We interviewed 50 people speaking languages from French to Finnish, Kinyarwanda to Karuk, American Sign Language to Swahili. We met some amazing members of the Cal community and the whole team was bowled over by the variety of languages, accents, and stories. 

The program features a range of events so check out the On the Same Page website.

Specialists in linguistics will be particularly interested in the experiment being run by Keith Johnson called Talk Back.


a wonderful film by some wonderful colleagues

Enjoy the music, the drawings, and the narrator's voice. Well done Bill and Ann!


voice of Berkeley!

Have a read of this article about next year's On the Same Page program that I'm helping to organize at Berkeley. As a university that often celebrates - and is celebrated for - its diversity, we are delighted to turn the focus to our linguistic diversity. 

For a video featuring current students, faculty and staff in all their multilingual glory, watch this space!!!




book cover




Ooooh. Aaaaah.


What Wagner did for English

I talk about this graph in tonight's Voicebox. Despite the general crummy-ness of google's ngram viewer, it does at least let me show what Wagner did for English: witness the sudden arrival of the word Valkyrie after the publication of the Ring in 1853. A word which - quite by chance - my translation class is forced to struggle with year after year.



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